In union (the game I play) there is a clear difference between the primary ‘jobs’ of the forwards and for backs. Simply, forwards do the majority of fighting for posesion with scrums rucks mauls etc. On the other hand, the backs are those who score tries, set up tries, score points, or defend against the opposition backline. Yet rugby league there is also a divide between forwards and backs, and it makes me wonder what the actual difference between forwards and backs is in league as there is no scrums, rucks, mauls etc.

Answer by Kyle O’brien
Well I play rugby union too and although I don’t know too much about league I do know that the fitness level is quite similar between backs and forwards. The main reason for forwards in league is one of the main reasons in union, to make the big tackles. I hope this information was useful for you and just ask if you have any more questions.

Answer by jason k
i play both union and league and so i have experienced both sides.firstly in union the forwards do alot more work then the forwards in league and usually are required to be bigger and stronger then league forwards, but in league there is a larger gap between the ruck and the line of defence (in league u go back 10 m from the ruck were as in union you are right on the ruck) this means the forwards get up more speed and momentum making it harder to tackle them so the backs can do all there fancy stuff out wide to try get points
to sum up
Rugby-forwards do more work in scrums,rucks etc…
have to be bigger and stronger then league
be very fit
League-able to stop other forwards at top speed
very fit
be able to take big hits

Answer by George Smith
The Difference between Rugby League an Rugby Union.

Like R.U. R.L forwards do alot of the dirty work and by the 4rth tackle count they let the backs work their magic.

R.L has 5 tacke counts then its handover. There are also no lineouts (quick throw-ins included) or mauls. A ruck in R.L is considered the play-the-ball area.
There are scrums in R.L but it is very basic; no crouch, touch, pause engange, just plain engage without the pushing. Any team that pushes in the scrum will be instantly penalised.

The only reason they have scrums in R.L is so that backs can compete 1-on-1 against each other without the forwards interferring.


HOOKER: R.L hookers are always short and max out at 95kg compared to R.U hookers whos minimum is 95kg. The reason why R.L hookers are shorter and lighter is because they have to get to every ruck quickly to pass the ball, very similar role to a R.U halfback.

Second-Row: There is no need for towering Second-Rowers in R.L because there are no lineouts. The R.L Second-Rowers physique and duties is similar to a no.8 in R.U.

PROPS: R.L doesnt need 120kg plus props like R.U, because their is no need for scrums. R.L props max out at 112kg an duties are to be fit do multiple hitups and tackles; just like a blindside flanker.

HalfBack: R.L halfacks are like R.U fly-halfs.

FIVE-EIGHTH: R.L five-eighths are like R.U second-fives.

CENTRE, WING, FULLBACK: similiar to R.U centre, wing, fullback.

Also, a R.L lock is like a R.U openside flanker, just do most of the tackling an hit ups (without the ground duties)

I just watched a rugby video and it looks sick but people in the comments are fighting over rugby league and rugby union… What is the difference? Sorry I’m american. We don’t get a lot of rugby games over here

Answer by Kahu♥NZ
Rugby is better than League.
Rugby is for Men and League is for Boys.
Rugby scrums are tough and League scrums are pathetic.

On a serious note:

The biggest difference is with Rugby its continuous play. So there is no
set amount of tackles until the player with the ball, knocks it on,
a turnover is made, its kicked back to the team on defence who become
attackers or when a penalty is given…

With Rugby League you are only allowed five tackles, you have to hand it over
or kick it to the team on defence who then become attackers… vice verse.

Answer by Anto.G86!
Rugby League pitch dimensions are different, plus some minor differences:

Union allows many tackles until it’s turned over, into touch or spilt from possession. League reduces that to five, until you kick it away, or surrender possession.

Another thing is there is no ruck when claiming possession in League per se. If possession can’t be immediately gained, they must pull away, while the tackled player passes on to someone else.

Don’t really watch league, but love Rugby Union.


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